Monday, March 28, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

What in the world is the big issue with where our President was born

Trump on Fox news: "I've always had a good relationsh­ip with Whoopi...b­ut frankly, I mean, I think that's insulting that she brings up--what does that have to do with race?"

I don't know, maybe it has something to do with all the investigat
­ions he had to go through to be able to run for president; or that his mother is an American; or they have shown that birth certificat­e so much, you should know how it reads, by heart? What do you need? A genealogy trace as  proof that he is an American citizen, the son of a White American woman?

With all this evidence Trump and others still question it.  I don't remember any other president or presidenti
­al candidate being asked to prove anything like this. Why did Whoopi bring race up? Are you kidding me? You (Trump) brought it up, even without mentioning his color! Your whole conversati­on with these Fox people is about you and those people trying to put Pres. Obama in a box meant for Colored, Negro, African American, Black people. You imply that he is not equal to all of the other presidents who've never had to show proof of birth.
I would give anything to hear one of these birthers be honest about why they question his nationality. Just tell us it's because you question his mother because of her choice not in only men, but where in the world she raised our President. They know the mother of the President, was a White American. Are they suggesting that she went over to Africa, (after the Pres. was born, because her passport says nothing about a trip before he was born) in the 1960's, adopted her a little black baby, and brought him home to her parents who were not really big fans of the black race? They're racism blinds them to this reality. They're dislike, of the mother of the President of the United States of America, is from her choice to get along with all people and not hold on to the prejudices she was probably raised with.
Our President's upbringing in different countries, exposed him as young black child, to white people; to Indonesians, and to people of all different faiths; to Africans and the cultural difference of those nations compared to that of white and black America. (and face it, he was raised in a White AMERICAN family and home) All of that cultural experience is something that should be praised in our President. But no, a lot of white America has a problem with letting go of it's superiority over the rest of the world, and are actually fighting integration and peace.
Notice there aren't any black birthers out there, but give the Koch brothers time, they'll pay someone a million dollars to spew all of the lies. (and hey I could use a million dollars) But this is how black people ended up here (in America) in the first place, being sold out by our own. 
You birthers make me sick. I'm sick of your ignorance about his birth and your ignorance to the fact that you're racist. Your ignorance in thinking the rest of us would pretend not to notice your racism or bring it up.Ya'll need to either get with the rest of us, or YOU go find a little island somewhere. 
My generation was born right in the middle of the civil rights issues, and then proceeded to forced integration, then on to voluntary integration, and now to being members of our (black) families and having children with our children. That generation, (my son's) was raised going to white kids birthday parties, the white kids coming over to hang out at our house. There was not all of this kind of integrating of black and white friendships and going to white kids birthday parties when I was a kid. My 15th birthday, I invited a lot of friends from the predominantly white school that I went to, and only one (white) girl showed up, Katrina. This generation of children would not be born into racism, and wouldn't know about it unless it was taught to them. Black and White.

Maybe, just maybe by the time I have grandchildren we really will be equal to each other. I don't know, maybe my great-grandchildren.


  1. Maria, I love reading your posts!

    I believe many (not "all") of the people who are so against our president just can't stand the idea that a black man is running our country. And I agree this birther controversy is more about hating the "black man" and a means of discrediting him than it is about truly believing he wasn't born in this country. It is ALL about making it look like he "isn't one of us", including the continued accusations of him being a muslim. It is blind racism and hatred, pure and simple.

    I think race relations have gotten better, but they still have a long way to go, in some places more than others. I have worked very hard to teach my children to respect ALL people. They are very kind and compassionate young men. I am so blessed.

    I do hope that one day people won't even see skin color, or any other means of grouping people. Let's all just help each other, be kind to each other! - Nancy

  2. Here's hoping it's sooner than you can imagine. Did you see that the "birth certificate" that Trump held up was a certificate of live birth -- just like the one the birthers have been beating up the president about. Made me laugh.