Friday, March 18, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....


I thought I found a black Republican politician, that I liked and felt had some common sense, who isn't a sell-out. A BR (black Republican) who knew how to stand up to the blue-bloods who feel they are entitled to hold office. He just didn't look like the type of man to say stupid stuff just to get into the news (i.e. Sarah P, Michelle B., Anne C., Beck, etc.).

But Herman Cain, BR and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, turned out to be just like all the rest of the BR's. He has started in on Pres. O about leaving the word God out of certain speeches and omitting the word when reciting the Declaration of Independence. And of course Cain with saying this, he might as well go ahead and call Pres. O a non-Christian and that's what other GOP think of Pres. O. Hell, most of them think he's really the anti-Christ. 

Cain says that he knows that our Founding Fathers were Christian and this country was based on Christian morals and values.  I wonder if Cain's ancestors appreciated all those good Christian morals and values those dudes had back in the mid to late 1700's. Because no matter how Christian the Church keeps saying the Founding Fathers were, I keep saying, that's just NOT the kind of Christianity I would want to be a part of. 

Those Christians, of the early years in America, enslaved, tortured, and committed genocide. But we're suppose to look to them for our Christian values? WTF??? Seriously? I don't want any part of a religion that believes that it's okay to enslave people, rape them, kill them, sell them away from their parents. Or to push them off of their own land, and intentionally made them sick. 

What amazes me, is conservatives believe these people murdered, stole and enslaved, in the name of our God, and we're supposed to celebrate these men who did these things to my ancestors. Uhhh, no thank you. When I get screwed, I'd like to enjoy it. And I don't believe that God intended for those men to come here and murder and enslave. 

My heart says, God meant for these people to come over here and to learn to live in peace and harmony. The peace and harmony they weren't getting from the countries they escaped from. Instead, these heathens murdered, enslaved and committed genocide and turned around and tried to sell it as Christianity. I ain't buyin it! 

Christians, before and nowadays  feel that God made this country just for them and their use. Newsflash!!!! God guided you over to a people who were peaceful and willing to share their land and these Christian dudes, from early America said, "thank you, but in the name of our God, move off your homeland, because God said we could have it!" Damn, for real? Well, let me see if that works when I walk into Bank of America..."Umm, thank you people for counting my money, but God gave it to me. So I need you all to drop what your doing, leave my money alone and go find somewhere else to work." 

Two hundred some-odd years later, a lot of the descendants from the Native Americans are trying to come back to their land. But guess what we (well, ya'll do, I don't) call them....illegal aliens. When they were pushed off of their land, where do you think the people who weren't massacerd went? North or South. Those were their only options, seeing as how all the "Christian Fore Fathers" took all their horses and told them to walk off of their own land. "This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to where ever I say it is..."

But for Cain, I wish he would just tell us how he believes and what he thinks will be a solution for America's mess, without having to be told, "this is what you should believe and this is how we want you to behave so we can get you into office and we can take back what that black Muslim, non-American took from us."  

If those forefathers could do all the dirt they did, in the name of Christianity, then why do Christians nowadays say that homosexuality and abortion is bringing down God's wrath on this country. So, they're (right-wing Christians) saying that God was okay with all that murdering, stealing, and enslaving but he's just gonna draw the line at homosexuality and abortion. 

Now, I do think that both are sins. You ain't got to like it, but it's how I believe. But they are no more of a sin than what the "Christian" Fore Fathers did in God's name. Which to me would seem to be worse, because I don't think someone goes and has an abortion and says, "I do this in the name of God." I also believe that God is the One who decides what sins he's going to punish us for and we really won't know what that is until we get to standin in front of Him. I mean we can follow the guidelines in the Bible, but the more I study and find out how many times and by whom the Bible has been re-translated, it just makes me wonder if they interpreted the Word of God, kind of like the Fore Father's interpreted that God said it was okay for them to murder, steal and enslave. 

I, personally am going to try my very best to do the one thing that God asked us to do, more than anything else in the Bible. The one phrase that was carried true throughout all the translations; and that is to Love my neighbor as I would love God and myself.

I think that Pres. Obama has been the first President this country has ever had that didn't go into the Office of the President of the United States, with an attitude that we are better than everyone else, because we are American.

President Obama has shown that he is more of a peacemaker, and not a fighting man. And through his calmness and peace, we can hope and pray that his background being familiar with Islam, stops them crazy fools from coming over here and blowing us up. The arrogance of our country is what is bringing this country down. The arrogance of most of the white male Presidents, our country has had, brought about so much hate for America, from other countries and really we aren't any better than anyone else. We just got some of the best weapons first. That is no longer true. 

We better learn to get off this high horse and try to get along with people who are different from us Americans. Because I don't ever want to see an attack on this country again. That was some scary ish! I drove to work on 9/11 looking up and checking the sky for more planes, that might have been on their way, to come and kill us.

Mr. Cain, I suggest you remember just where you came from. And I'm not talking about where he was born, I'm talking about what plantation his great-great grandparents were on and just how Godly the owners of his ancestors, were.


  1. Quick side note: When I mention Islam and them coming over, it sounded like I was saying all of Islam hates us. That is not my intent, because that is not what I believe.

  2. Amen, Maria! PERFECTLY stated! Many, many crimes have been comitted "in the name of God". Too many people use religion as a bludgeon to justify their evil actions. I truly believe most of the "right-wing conservative christians" are "fake" christians. They do not do as Jesus commanded them. I believe Jesus, if he were here in our day, would have been labeled a liberal. He wants us to feed the hungry and help the poor. He wants us to love each other, love thy neighbor, love thy enemy. Stop judging each other. Who am I to judge? That is God's place, not mine. I am a liberal: "tolerant of views differing from one's own, broad minded to ideas that challenge tradition". Thank you for your posts. I do read them, although I don't always comment! - Nancy

  3. My goodness, you said a mouth full. It takes a minute to digest all of it. So much has been said that many people tend to want to forget or not even admit. But you brought it all out into the open.
    I just hope that you can find a place in your heart to accept those Christians who feel exactly as you have stated. We must learn to walk in Love and fellowship with each other as humans. Humans come from every aspect of the world with many different types of conceptions and ideals. But we as humans must learn to find a way to tolerate and live our best life.
    I know that is what you and many others do, but we as humans fall short sometimes and must get up, dust ourselves off and ask our Creator for forgiveness and then give us wisdom to do what is right. FORGIVENESS is a big word and is not always easy to accomplish, but once accomplished we feel so much better.
    Thank you for your opinion. It was an interesting read.

  4. My my, you came right on with it didn't you, actually you should think about publishing either for editorials or something along that line. You're very perceptive and need to be heard a lot further than FB, keep up the good work Maria and thank you for your wonderful insight.