Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Big Girls Don't Cry, do they? 

Today, I saw an adult laugh at a child who was fat. Not a whisper under her breath, but a full, loud laugh...at an 11 year old. (guessing, he looked around that age) Then tonight, a friend whom I admire, put up a post showing a super-large guy on an airplane, half his body hanging out into the aisle. Some of his friends made comments by laughing, you know: lol, lmao, hahahaha. I was immediately offended, even though he started the status with "I'm sorry if you're offended but..."

This reminded me of another post from a former co-worker, this guy I used to help out quite a bit, at work. He made a comment some months ago about having to wait there holding the door open while this big, fat lady waddled her way through the door. 

All of these comments brought out one of my explosions of anger. Anyone who knows me, knows why. I am a big girl, always have been a big girl. But I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't see me and think or tell me, that I was beautiful. Not just pretty either. I was born with really good genes. A mixture of a whole lot of ethnicities. Let me just break my physical appearance down for anyone who doesn't know what I've heard, over the years, regarding my beauty. Yep, I'm about to sound even  more conceited. But I'm sick to death of people who have faults of their own, trying to laugh at my or someone else's faults. 

My skin has been flawless most of my life, my teeth have been straight without braces. I have a nose that even a white girl took a picture of, to show her plastic surgeon. My hair doesn't need a relaxer to straighten. My hair goes curly without having to go to sit at the salon for three hours to get a perm. My eyes are set perfectly, with a little hint of a slant to give them a more exotic look. My color is golden brown, the kind of golden some of ya'll go to try to achieve, while picking up a little skin cancer. Light enough to be noticed by so many black men who only like white to light (which disgusts me too, but that's another blog). When I was born, I was a beautiful baby and at almost 50, I look like I'm in my mid-30's. 

Now, with those physical attributes, you'd think I'd be snotty enough to laugh at other people who don't have skin, or hair, or teeth, etc. like mine. But people who don't have those physical attributes, you know the bald-headed chick, whose hair only grows an inch every five years. I'm talking about people who have crooked teeth. Or, that big ass bell-pepper, Michael Jackson, when he was still black, nose. Oh, don't get me started on how there were times I wanted to laugh at cock-eyed people, or people who get all freckled or fried when they hang out in the sun, or a girl who came back from the salon and her hair looked like a Q-tip. I could go on, but I think you get my point. 

Will all the people who are perfect, please stand? 

I've seen a few women and men who were as close to perfect as you can get and they're beautiful inside and out. I mean, they didn't laugh at a girl with crooked teeth, or nappy hair. They put their arms around them and were kind to them, when people who were so far from being beautiful, (physically) felt it was okay to point out others imperfections 

But there are a lot who look perfect to us (physically), who are just nasty to other people, like they have a right to do so! Newsflash!!! You have to be beautiful to God too. Do you think God would want you laughing at someone He made in his own image? If you don't believe in God, oh well, (you're going to hell, nah...just kidding that's not for me to judge) you know that it's wrong to tease other people, but especially when you're an adult.

I didn't write this so I could boast about my own looks, not to explain to anyone why I'm a big girl. I just to tell people to mind your own f-ing business, and grow up! 



  1. By the way, I also know people who have crooked teeth, spotted skin and cock-eyed, and they have been the most beautiful people I've ever met.

  2. We are ladies of traditional build, Maria.