Monday, March 28, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

What in the world is the big issue with where our President was born

Trump on Fox news: "I've always had a good relationsh­ip with Whoopi...b­ut frankly, I mean, I think that's insulting that she brings up--what does that have to do with race?"

I don't know, maybe it has something to do with all the investigat
­ions he had to go through to be able to run for president; or that his mother is an American; or they have shown that birth certificat­e so much, you should know how it reads, by heart? What do you need? A genealogy trace as  proof that he is an American citizen, the son of a White American woman?

With all this evidence Trump and others still question it.  I don't remember any other president or presidenti
­al candidate being asked to prove anything like this. Why did Whoopi bring race up? Are you kidding me? You (Trump) brought it up, even without mentioning his color! Your whole conversati­on with these Fox people is about you and those people trying to put Pres. Obama in a box meant for Colored, Negro, African American, Black people. You imply that he is not equal to all of the other presidents who've never had to show proof of birth.
I would give anything to hear one of these birthers be honest about why they question his nationality. Just tell us it's because you question his mother because of her choice not in only men, but where in the world she raised our President. They know the mother of the President, was a White American. Are they suggesting that she went over to Africa, (after the Pres. was born, because her passport says nothing about a trip before he was born) in the 1960's, adopted her a little black baby, and brought him home to her parents who were not really big fans of the black race? They're racism blinds them to this reality. They're dislike, of the mother of the President of the United States of America, is from her choice to get along with all people and not hold on to the prejudices she was probably raised with.
Our President's upbringing in different countries, exposed him as young black child, to white people; to Indonesians, and to people of all different faiths; to Africans and the cultural difference of those nations compared to that of white and black America. (and face it, he was raised in a White AMERICAN family and home) All of that cultural experience is something that should be praised in our President. But no, a lot of white America has a problem with letting go of it's superiority over the rest of the world, and are actually fighting integration and peace.
Notice there aren't any black birthers out there, but give the Koch brothers time, they'll pay someone a million dollars to spew all of the lies. (and hey I could use a million dollars) But this is how black people ended up here (in America) in the first place, being sold out by our own. 
You birthers make me sick. I'm sick of your ignorance about his birth and your ignorance to the fact that you're racist. Your ignorance in thinking the rest of us would pretend not to notice your racism or bring it up.Ya'll need to either get with the rest of us, or YOU go find a little island somewhere. 
My generation was born right in the middle of the civil rights issues, and then proceeded to forced integration, then on to voluntary integration, and now to being members of our (black) families and having children with our children. That generation, (my son's) was raised going to white kids birthday parties, the white kids coming over to hang out at our house. There was not all of this kind of integrating of black and white friendships and going to white kids birthday parties when I was a kid. My 15th birthday, I invited a lot of friends from the predominantly white school that I went to, and only one (white) girl showed up, Katrina. This generation of children would not be born into racism, and wouldn't know about it unless it was taught to them. Black and White.

Maybe, just maybe by the time I have grandchildren we really will be equal to each other. I don't know, maybe my great-grandchildren.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Genuine Generosity

Do you think of yourself as kind and giving? What would your friends say about that? or your neighbors? or your family?

Generosity, is shown in many forms. Listening to a friend who talks about the same guy for months, who broke her heart; or helping an elderly person put their groceries in the car; or when you are in line at the grocery  store and the person in front of you has to put some of the food back because she just doesn't have enough money for everything she needs or wants, you tell her to get the groceries and you pay the difference, and let her children pick out that piece of candy that they kept asking their mom for, as soon as she got in line; stopping to give a ride to a young pregnant girl, standing in the rain or cold snow, waiting for the bus; or just plain old being a person that can be counted on. 

At times in my life, these things have been done for me and I've done these things for other people, and it felt good. But there are people who could care less about someone else, and all they do is make sure they have theirs.

I'd like to give money to the homeless shelter, or pass out bikes in a low income neighborhood, pay the rent for a family because no matter how hard they work, they just can't get ahead, or feed the hungry. I don't have money right now, to give us much as I'd like. But I do have a car with heat and air conditioning, the ability to help my neighbor bring her groceries in, and other things that don't cost anything but maybe a little time. 

There is this friend who is not wealthy, but because her husband got a nice bonus at work, paid a couple of bills for me; and another friend who has way more than the previous friend but doesn't even tip a waiter or waitress more than a dollar. I have friends who've put gas in my car because they knew I was broke. Not because they're rich, but because they felt they were blessed with what they have and they felt led by God to help. I have another friend that if you called and asked for help, they'd want to know when you're going to pay them back, even though they aren't struggling for anything.  One of the poorest in my family paid a bill for me from her tax returns. When another family member, who has a great job and who owes me money, ignored my call for help.

I bring this up to say that I have had some miraculous, wonderful things done for me and it has encouraged me to do for others. But I do want to point out to those who do have and don't give, that it's not hard to open your heart to help, whether it's with money or your time. It feels good!  It feels GREAT!

Thank you to my friends who've done things for me that should be announced in a newspaper, but they didn't do it so everyone could tell them, good job. And to my friends and family who could care less about what I or others go through, you might want to remember the Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Homophobic, what in the world does that mean?

There is a story on HuffPost today about an actress who said she didn't like seeing the gay kiss on "Glee." She didn't say that she hates gay people. She said, it's not something that she likes to see. Phobia means the irrational fear of something.

I am the same way. I think homosexuality is wrong, I don't want to see it, and I didn't want my children to see it, on tv or movies. But when my kids were exposed to homosexuality, I taught them not to hate, not to be mean or act violently towards homosexuals, but that God made that person, just like He made all of us. That doesn't mean I'm a hateful person, towards homosexuals. It means I don't like to see it. I know a lot of my liberal friends are going to hate me for this, but why? Why is your hating me for how I believe, any different from someone who hates you for how you believe? Some of my conservative friends will be mad because I'm not going to condemn homosexuals. I'm not here to please anyone, but try my best to please God.

Not one of my friends can say they've ever heard me saying I hated a homosexual, or I would want to be violent towards a homosexual or anything else mean and hateful. Because for some reason, I believe that the decision on who is going to hell, for what, is not my decision to make. And again, God asked us to Love EVERYONE. Even those who are against us, like Rush Limpbag. I envision myself seeing this airbag with a flat tire on the side of the road, miles away from any help, no phone reception and it's raining. Now, the mean vindictive me would want to accidentally run him over. But there is something that was instilled in me to always help, when help is needed. NO MATTER WHO THE PERSON IS.

I love all of my homosexual friends, no differently than I love any of my straight friends. I'm sure they love me, with all my faults and sins and wrong doings and....I could go on with my list of imperfections. I don't have any problems being around any of my homosexual friends. I have a problem being around anyone who hates someone else. That's gay or straight. To hate is the biggest sin against God, that I believe, there is.   

But it is my right to express myself. If you hate me for how I feel, then so be it, you are no better than the people who you say are being prejudice. It isn't my right to be mean, nasty or violent towards ANYONE because of how they feel. Even though there are times I just wish someone would take Rush Limpbag out, he has a right to his opinions. He just happens to act out on his opinions, by calling names, spreading hate and inciting violence, which makes him evil, in my book.

I believe homophobic is the WRONG word to use for people who don't agree that homosexuality is okay. Maybe anti-homosexual or something. But I know personally, I could be in a room of homosexuals and I am not afraid that their homosexuality is going to jump on to me, or homosexual women are going to hold me down and rape me (unless I was in prison, I'm too cute to pass up). I am not afraid of anything they do, but I don't like it if they are doing it in public or on tv. 

I could be wrong about all of this, but that's between me and God, not between me and you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....


I thought I found a black Republican politician, that I liked and felt had some common sense, who isn't a sell-out. A BR (black Republican) who knew how to stand up to the blue-bloods who feel they are entitled to hold office. He just didn't look like the type of man to say stupid stuff just to get into the news (i.e. Sarah P, Michelle B., Anne C., Beck, etc.).

But Herman Cain, BR and former CEO of Godfather's Pizza, turned out to be just like all the rest of the BR's. He has started in on Pres. O about leaving the word God out of certain speeches and omitting the word when reciting the Declaration of Independence. And of course Cain with saying this, he might as well go ahead and call Pres. O a non-Christian and that's what other GOP think of Pres. O. Hell, most of them think he's really the anti-Christ. 

Cain says that he knows that our Founding Fathers were Christian and this country was based on Christian morals and values.  I wonder if Cain's ancestors appreciated all those good Christian morals and values those dudes had back in the mid to late 1700's. Because no matter how Christian the Church keeps saying the Founding Fathers were, I keep saying, that's just NOT the kind of Christianity I would want to be a part of. 

Those Christians, of the early years in America, enslaved, tortured, and committed genocide. But we're suppose to look to them for our Christian values? WTF??? Seriously? I don't want any part of a religion that believes that it's okay to enslave people, rape them, kill them, sell them away from their parents. Or to push them off of their own land, and intentionally made them sick. 

What amazes me, is conservatives believe these people murdered, stole and enslaved, in the name of our God, and we're supposed to celebrate these men who did these things to my ancestors. Uhhh, no thank you. When I get screwed, I'd like to enjoy it. And I don't believe that God intended for those men to come here and murder and enslave. 

My heart says, God meant for these people to come over here and to learn to live in peace and harmony. The peace and harmony they weren't getting from the countries they escaped from. Instead, these heathens murdered, enslaved and committed genocide and turned around and tried to sell it as Christianity. I ain't buyin it! 

Christians, before and nowadays  feel that God made this country just for them and their use. Newsflash!!!! God guided you over to a people who were peaceful and willing to share their land and these Christian dudes, from early America said, "thank you, but in the name of our God, move off your homeland, because God said we could have it!" Damn, for real? Well, let me see if that works when I walk into Bank of America..."Umm, thank you people for counting my money, but God gave it to me. So I need you all to drop what your doing, leave my money alone and go find somewhere else to work." 

Two hundred some-odd years later, a lot of the descendants from the Native Americans are trying to come back to their land. But guess what we (well, ya'll do, I don't) call them....illegal aliens. When they were pushed off of their land, where do you think the people who weren't massacerd went? North or South. Those were their only options, seeing as how all the "Christian Fore Fathers" took all their horses and told them to walk off of their own land. "This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to where ever I say it is..."

But for Cain, I wish he would just tell us how he believes and what he thinks will be a solution for America's mess, without having to be told, "this is what you should believe and this is how we want you to behave so we can get you into office and we can take back what that black Muslim, non-American took from us."  

If those forefathers could do all the dirt they did, in the name of Christianity, then why do Christians nowadays say that homosexuality and abortion is bringing down God's wrath on this country. So, they're (right-wing Christians) saying that God was okay with all that murdering, stealing, and enslaving but he's just gonna draw the line at homosexuality and abortion. 

Now, I do think that both are sins. You ain't got to like it, but it's how I believe. But they are no more of a sin than what the "Christian" Fore Fathers did in God's name. Which to me would seem to be worse, because I don't think someone goes and has an abortion and says, "I do this in the name of God." I also believe that God is the One who decides what sins he's going to punish us for and we really won't know what that is until we get to standin in front of Him. I mean we can follow the guidelines in the Bible, but the more I study and find out how many times and by whom the Bible has been re-translated, it just makes me wonder if they interpreted the Word of God, kind of like the Fore Father's interpreted that God said it was okay for them to murder, steal and enslave. 

I, personally am going to try my very best to do the one thing that God asked us to do, more than anything else in the Bible. The one phrase that was carried true throughout all the translations; and that is to Love my neighbor as I would love God and myself.

I think that Pres. Obama has been the first President this country has ever had that didn't go into the Office of the President of the United States, with an attitude that we are better than everyone else, because we are American.

President Obama has shown that he is more of a peacemaker, and not a fighting man. And through his calmness and peace, we can hope and pray that his background being familiar with Islam, stops them crazy fools from coming over here and blowing us up. The arrogance of our country is what is bringing this country down. The arrogance of most of the white male Presidents, our country has had, brought about so much hate for America, from other countries and really we aren't any better than anyone else. We just got some of the best weapons first. That is no longer true. 

We better learn to get off this high horse and try to get along with people who are different from us Americans. Because I don't ever want to see an attack on this country again. That was some scary ish! I drove to work on 9/11 looking up and checking the sky for more planes, that might have been on their way, to come and kill us.

Mr. Cain, I suggest you remember just where you came from. And I'm not talking about where he was born, I'm talking about what plantation his great-great grandparents were on and just how Godly the owners of his ancestors, were.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

How sweet Spring is!

Today was one of those beautiful, almost perfect, Spring days. With the Winter weather that barely reaches 30 degrees, almost 60 degree weather, was enough to bring out the happy in me. Winter was holding on a little too long, with days of no sun and bitter cold air. I can't wait for the beginning of Spring, with its sunshine promising warmer weather. The sound of the birds that have come back north, maybe just a little too early; and the flower buds piercing through the still cold, and thawing earth. The smell of Winter is being melted away, by the beginning of Spring. 

Inhaling scents of the changing seasons, usually brings back some childhood memories. The first half of my life, the Spring time memories weren't so happy. My birthday is in April, but burying my little brother, the day before my seventh birthday, kind of put a little damper on that time of year. For years, the Spring season came around, I dreaded my birthday. It reminded, not only me, but my family of the loss we all felt at that time. 

The smell of Spring, for me, would be flowers. Just not the kind of flowers that were blooming. It was the the scent of flowers that filled our home, the church and even the grave site on April 6, 1970. No matter where I was in my life, the Caribbean, college down south, or partying with my friends, nothing could take away the memory of that familiar scent, of the flowers from that day, at the beginning of that Spring. 

Until a few years ago. I went outside one of those new Spring days and the 'memory scent' wasn't of those funeral flowers. It was grass and gritty sand. I realized I was remembering days at the park with my children. My son was probably about 11 or 12, my daughter two or three years old. The scent I inhaled was of Milham Park. The second we had sunny skies and warmer, dryer air, me and the kids and usually a couple of neighbor kids, would load up my station wagon, and head to Milham Park. 

At the park, my son would go up the slide with my daughter and help her slide down. Until she felt she was a big girl and could handle the trip down the slide by herself. Then before we left, we'd go get bread for the ducks. I see in my memory, the picture of taking my daughter closer to the larger geese. One of them hissed at her and she climbed up her big brother so quick, you would've thought she was a gymnast. 

Today when I stepped out my front door, I inhaled Spring and the past memories were not of my own childhood, but the childhood of my children. I held my face up to feel the sun on my skin and I thanked God, for the Spring day and my happy memories. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Big Girls Don't Cry, do they? 

Today, I saw an adult laugh at a child who was fat. Not a whisper under her breath, but a full, loud an 11 year old. (guessing, he looked around that age) Then tonight, a friend whom I admire, put up a post showing a super-large guy on an airplane, half his body hanging out into the aisle. Some of his friends made comments by laughing, you know: lol, lmao, hahahaha. I was immediately offended, even though he started the status with "I'm sorry if you're offended but..."

This reminded me of another post from a former co-worker, this guy I used to help out quite a bit, at work. He made a comment some months ago about having to wait there holding the door open while this big, fat lady waddled her way through the door. 

All of these comments brought out one of my explosions of anger. Anyone who knows me, knows why. I am a big girl, always have been a big girl. But I don't think I've ever met a person who didn't see me and think or tell me, that I was beautiful. Not just pretty either. I was born with really good genes. A mixture of a whole lot of ethnicities. Let me just break my physical appearance down for anyone who doesn't know what I've heard, over the years, regarding my beauty. Yep, I'm about to sound even  more conceited. But I'm sick to death of people who have faults of their own, trying to laugh at my or someone else's faults. 

My skin has been flawless most of my life, my teeth have been straight without braces. I have a nose that even a white girl took a picture of, to show her plastic surgeon. My hair doesn't need a relaxer to straighten. My hair goes curly without having to go to sit at the salon for three hours to get a perm. My eyes are set perfectly, with a little hint of a slant to give them a more exotic look. My color is golden brown, the kind of golden some of ya'll go to try to achieve, while picking up a little skin cancer. Light enough to be noticed by so many black men who only like white to light (which disgusts me too, but that's another blog). When I was born, I was a beautiful baby and at almost 50, I look like I'm in my mid-30's. 

Now, with those physical attributes, you'd think I'd be snotty enough to laugh at other people who don't have skin, or hair, or teeth, etc. like mine. But people who don't have those physical attributes, you know the bald-headed chick, whose hair only grows an inch every five years. I'm talking about people who have crooked teeth. Or, that big ass bell-pepper, Michael Jackson, when he was still black, nose. Oh, don't get me started on how there were times I wanted to laugh at cock-eyed people, or people who get all freckled or fried when they hang out in the sun, or a girl who came back from the salon and her hair looked like a Q-tip. I could go on, but I think you get my point. 

Will all the people who are perfect, please stand? 

I've seen a few women and men who were as close to perfect as you can get and they're beautiful inside and out. I mean, they didn't laugh at a girl with crooked teeth, or nappy hair. They put their arms around them and were kind to them, when people who were so far from being beautiful, (physically) felt it was okay to point out others imperfections 

But there are a lot who look perfect to us (physically), who are just nasty to other people, like they have a right to do so! Newsflash!!! You have to be beautiful to God too. Do you think God would want you laughing at someone He made in his own image? If you don't believe in God, oh well, (you're going to hell, nah...just kidding that's not for me to judge) you know that it's wrong to tease other people, but especially when you're an adult.

I didn't write this so I could boast about my own looks, not to explain to anyone why I'm a big girl. I just to tell people to mind your own f-ing business, and grow up! 


Monday, March 14, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Does a girl who is wearing provocative clothes deserve men to grope her or worse? 

I wonder why it is that I and a lot of my girlfriends have stories of boys who wouldn't stop when we said no? Does this mean our bodies are for men to do with whatever they want? 

I thought the story about the young girl in California, last year, being gang-raped while people stood by and watched, was the worst thing I'd ever heard. Until a couple of weeks ago, when the story of 18 men "allegedly" raped an 11 yr.old. But according to the men, they thought she was older. So, it's okay for 18 men to gang-rape a woman who is older?

Our world is getting awful in morals and values. I can't imagine the damage, physically and mentally, this girl is going through now and probably for the rest of her life. 

I'm so disgusted that I just needed to write this frustration out. My disgust that these men thought that because she was dressed like a ho, gave them permission to ravage her body and soul. Even if she were a ho, a 21 year-old paid ho, it is never okay for a group of men to have sex with her, AGAINST HER PERMISSION. 

No, means, freakin NO! You nasty mutha (shut my mouth)!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today, March 10, I'm talkin about....

Hmmm....are we supposed to hate ALL Muslims because of 9/11? 

I have a hard time lumping people of one group in the same pot. What happens if they LOOK Muslim but have converted to Christianity or Judaism? How do you know, looking at me, with my brown skin, that I'm not Muslim? But the main question...are ALL Muslims terrorists?

I think that most of us with common sense, know that not all Muslims are terrorist, not all Middle Easterners are Muslim, not all Muslims hate Americans and the "American Way." Can't we all just love one another as human beings? Even though some humans may be mean to us. What happened to turning the other cheek? Was that a rule just for me, or was everyone included in those instructions? My little sister, who was found in a cabbage patch (that's my story and I'm sticking to it), still deserves to be treated with respect because she is part of my family, I am instructed by God to still love her. I may not like her very much, or her intrusion into my life 42 years ago, but she's still my sister. 

The congressional hearings on whether or not to look into ALL American Muslim's background just seems so Hilterish to me. Isn't that how he started out? Am I calling Peter King (R-NY) a Nazi? I don't know the man, so I can't say for sure what he is, but from my perspective though he IS a racist! Why is our country going down a path that we condemned in another country?

I have been blessed with friends (family too) of many different colors, many different religions, many different sexual orientations. From Right Wing Conservatives to Lefty Liberals and from all over the world. Some I like more than others, but that's not because of their religion, color, political affiliation or sexual orientation. It has more to do with the fact that they, individually, have shown me kindness.

So, in saying all of that, I say to Mr. KKKing (oops) (not really) look at each individual person. Maybe he should do background checks on everyone here in America. Because the Muslim terrorists that I've seen on tv lately, have blonde hair and blue eyes and American accents. I don't even think that kid who was trying to pull off a "Columbine type" school shooting, a couple of weeks ago, was Muslim. Was he? But I tell you what he TERRIFIES me! People like that Michigan militia group, they terrify me! Pit Bulls not on a leash, they terrify me! The fact that a meal at Olive Garden can literally make me gain 3 pounds, terrifies me! Are they all terrorists?

I say we should look closely at all of these backgrounds to see if we need to abolish them, imprison them, or just hate them in our country. 

Doesn't that sound just stupid??