Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today, I'm talkin about....

Homophobic, what in the world does that mean?

There is a story on HuffPost today about an actress who said she didn't like seeing the gay kiss on "Glee." She didn't say that she hates gay people. She said, it's not something that she likes to see. Phobia means the irrational fear of something.

I am the same way. I think homosexuality is wrong, I don't want to see it, and I didn't want my children to see it, on tv or movies. But when my kids were exposed to homosexuality, I taught them not to hate, not to be mean or act violently towards homosexuals, but that God made that person, just like He made all of us. That doesn't mean I'm a hateful person, towards homosexuals. It means I don't like to see it. I know a lot of my liberal friends are going to hate me for this, but why? Why is your hating me for how I believe, any different from someone who hates you for how you believe? Some of my conservative friends will be mad because I'm not going to condemn homosexuals. I'm not here to please anyone, but try my best to please God.

Not one of my friends can say they've ever heard me saying I hated a homosexual, or I would want to be violent towards a homosexual or anything else mean and hateful. Because for some reason, I believe that the decision on who is going to hell, for what, is not my decision to make. And again, God asked us to Love EVERYONE. Even those who are against us, like Rush Limpbag. I envision myself seeing this airbag with a flat tire on the side of the road, miles away from any help, no phone reception and it's raining. Now, the mean vindictive me would want to accidentally run him over. But there is something that was instilled in me to always help, when help is needed. NO MATTER WHO THE PERSON IS.

I love all of my homosexual friends, no differently than I love any of my straight friends. I'm sure they love me, with all my faults and sins and wrong doings and....I could go on with my list of imperfections. I don't have any problems being around any of my homosexual friends. I have a problem being around anyone who hates someone else. That's gay or straight. To hate is the biggest sin against God, that I believe, there is.   

But it is my right to express myself. If you hate me for how I feel, then so be it, you are no better than the people who you say are being prejudice. It isn't my right to be mean, nasty or violent towards ANYONE because of how they feel. Even though there are times I just wish someone would take Rush Limpbag out, he has a right to his opinions. He just happens to act out on his opinions, by calling names, spreading hate and inciting violence, which makes him evil, in my book.

I believe homophobic is the WRONG word to use for people who don't agree that homosexuality is okay. Maybe anti-homosexual or something. But I know personally, I could be in a room of homosexuals and I am not afraid that their homosexuality is going to jump on to me, or homosexual women are going to hold me down and rape me (unless I was in prison, I'm too cute to pass up). I am not afraid of anything they do, but I don't like it if they are doing it in public or on tv. 

I could be wrong about all of this, but that's between me and God, not between me and you.

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