Monday, April 11, 2011

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It's my way or the highway

I have friends who've been waiting for me to write about the issue from last week when Michelle Malkin said that it was liberal PC to have crayons that include colors more true to skin tone, especially for those who weren't white. I was angry but I needed a little more inspiration to express what I truly think about this issue. Tonight, I got it. 

It's been on all of the news sites today, that France has made it a law that Muslim women can't wear their burqa in public. In a statement I made earlier on this subject, I admitted to having a prejudice against Muslim men and how they treat their women. I can't stand seeing a man trying to tell a woman what she can or can't do. How she should or should not dress. Whom she can speak to with his permission. But I then met Muslims who weren't like that. WTF? I thought they lived the way I had been taught. I didn't know that the way these people lived was mostly by choice. Especially when they come here to America. 

I know some Christian women who are living this exact same way. Other than covering themselves, a lot of conservative Christian women are submissive to their husbands. And will brag about it too. Because they say it's biblical. Why is it okay for them but not for Muslim women? 

In reading a response to the story in France, this one guy said that sure the Muslims should be able to wear what they want to, but "they" come to other countries and want to live like they were in Morocco, or something. That "these" people who move away from a Muslim nation, should live like the people of that new nation do, he said, "when in Rome....". First thing I thought was, "damn I sure wish some of my Native American ancestors had lived like that when those settlers came over here." But no, they were kind and willing to show these new people how to survive in the "new land." How were the Natives shown gratitude? Those same settlers and their descendants killed off, and pushed the Native's off of their own land. But hey, it's okay for them to do it because "God" ordained it. 

I also recently read that slavery had God's blessing too, because how else would the negro learn about Jesus? How else would they have lived, look at how the native Africans live in Africa now? According to some of these white Christians, the Africans aren't doing so well. They say its because those Africans weren't "saved" by Jesus. It has nothing to do with the fact that some of the best and the brightest of their nations were stolen from their homes and forced into slavery and submission. I read that these white Christians said Black Americans have it better than any other blacks in the world, thanks to white Christian generosity and their teachings.

Hmmm...submission! With submission there has to be a dominate and the whites believe themselves to be that dominate race. Now, to all of my white friends, I am not saying that there aren't a lot of you who have learned to love people from all nations, I know quite a few of you who do. Even some conservative Christians. But be honest, the MAJORITY of whites, IN THE WORLD, believe they are superior to anyone who has brown, yellow or black skin. Those of us who have the audacity to think of themselves as equal to or even better than some who are white, are usually disliked by a lot of whites. Those whites pretend to be okay with this whole new "equality" thing. But those are the ones who call us niggers behind the cloak of the internet, or don't hire the intelligent black man, or heavy accented, but brilliant Hispanic woman and make fun of the Asian's names to their co-workers. They are the ones that give you crappy service when you go into a department store. I could go on, but those of you who know better, already know what I'm talking about. 

I have never been more proud of my country than I was when the majority of Americans stood behind a black man and elected him for president. Sound familiar? We didn't land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us! America has done so much dirt to many brown, red, yellow and black people over the centuries and they believe that God won't punish them because they are Christian. Sound familiar?

That first statement wasn't only said by Michelle Obama, a whole lot of us descendants of slaves, said the exact thing. We were beyond shocked. The fact that whites were able to elect a black man into the office of the president, meant that maybe there was hope for whites and blacks to get along better in this country. And then he became President! I have seen so much more racism now, that it's scary to drive through all white towns again. Most of these racists (but claim they're not racist) say that it's not racism that they feel, it's just that our President just isn't a Christian. What the hell kind of church does he have to go to show his Christianity? Your superiority complex doesn't allow you to see your racism. You were raised believing that you are better than anyone with brown skin, no matter how many brown friends you have. An EFFORT and an admission would have to be made for you to get over this belief. But if you won't even admit it to yourself, you won't make it in a world of assimilation. Well, you'll make it, you will just always be condescending and you'll have black, brown or yellow friends like me who challenge you at all times.  I am so grateful for my white friends that I have who really and truly don't feel this complex and see me as their equal. Even if they are more educated, more financially stable, more Christian, these people view me and others as their equal. 

So according to the Fox folks black dolls, black enterprise, Ebony, Essence, BET, Telemundo, displaying a Hispanic flag, and other cultural things are just an example of too much political correctness. I'll be the first to say that there are some instances where PC is taken too far. But when it comes to acknowledging me and people who look like me, as equal to you, too bad, suck it up. These are some of the payments for the mistakes of your ancestors. How come there weren't crayons my color? Why are or were we excluded from beauty magazines? Why did we have to have our own stations to listen to the kind of music we like, or watch the shows that are entertaining to us? Why aren't black hair-care product's commercials on regular TV, not just on BET or during Soul Train?

What's really funny to me is that after ONLY a couple of decades of things like BET, black American Girl dolls and finally have a black president, there is a majority of white people who think this is just way too much "black stuff" or Liberal PC. Those of you who don't think you're that kind of white person, ask yourself these questions; how did you feel when Michelle O. made that infamous comment? Were you one of those people who thought Rev. Jeremiah Wright was being a racist because he said, "it's arrogant of America to not think they'd have to pay for what America has done in the past. God bless America? God damned America."  If you hate him, then more than likely you're going to hate me too after writing this. If Christians believe that God takes care of justice in His own time, that He's going to make us pay for "the sin of homosexuality" or for having abortions, what makes these Christians believe they won't answer for the atrocities done to the Native American, the black African, the Asian who could only get a job in a laundry, and the Japanese for internment camps, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? 

Until the white world stops saying "it's our way or the highway" we will NEVER  have successful integration and assimilation.       

Peace and love 

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